Contact lenses

At Smita Trivedi we believe that glasses and contact lenses are not mutually exclusive. Developments over the last few years in contact lens technology have made it possible for contact lenses to be suitable for almost everyone. Do not let bad experiences in the past stop you from trying them again; we offer free trials of contact lenses to all suitable patients.

The first step to wearing contacts is to have a full eye examination. At that appointment Smita will discuss the possibilities of using contact lenses to correct your vision or to change your eye colour. Contacts come in many sizes and different materials and during your exam she will measure your eyes to determine which lens is right for you. We offer free trials of contact lenses to all suitable patients.

Contact lenses are now available to suit almost everyone. Contact lenses offer you many benefits:

· Great for sporting activities where glasses may get in the way or be dangerous e.g. football, skiing, surfing, rock climbing, cycling
· To create a different look, people see the 'real' you free from glasses e.g. Weddings and special occasions
· More comfort by removing the weight and irritation that spectacles sometimes cause on the nose and ears
· To remove the inconvenience of spectacles fogging up or getting wet
· Achieving uninterrupted peripheral vision

Lenses today are healthier, easier and can correct a far wider range of prescriptions than ever before. Advances in contact lens technology include:

· The silicone hydrogel lenses, these are designed to be slept in allowing for continuous wear throughout a 30 day/night period
· New multifocal lenses that allow people over 40 years of age to have clear distance and near vision in the one lens
· Daily disposables that allow clean and comfortable lenses every wear without the hassle of cleaning and storing lenses

After any prescription for Contact lenses our patients are examined every six months as part of our after care examination.