I took 8 year old Mary for vision therapy because she was failing in school, had dyslexic tendencies and had been diagnosed with the dreamy type of Attention Deficit Disorder.

After around seven sessions one of Mary's teachers stopped me to tell me how focused Mary had been recently. Apparently in the past, during the afternoon session, Mary would just look into space and needed to be continually coaxed to get on with her work.

Now she just gets on with her work with the rest of the class. At the last parents' evening two other teachers reported how changed Mary was. And how focused on her work she was and not easily distracted. Her class teacher said that when wanting the class to work from the "blackboard" (now a white board) the children just turn their heads to see the board but Mary now moves her chair so that she is facing the board.

Her class teacher has also remarked that Mary looks continually which she finds a little disconcerting but overall she is delighted with Mary's progress.