Here is some feedback from some of our patients...

Testimonial from the parents of a Toddler:

After realising our 2 year old daughter had a lazy eye we were concerned that this would affect her confidence as she grew. At the time it was suggested by many that only an operation and patching the eye would resolve the issue. Thankfully we stumbled upon vision therapy and Smita's clinic. After only a couple of months we saw a marked improvement and are happy to confirm that our daughter no longer has a lazy eye. Without Smita's expertise and support we would probably be facing the prospect of an operation for our little one thankfully this is not the case.
Thanks for all the help.
Eray, Ayse and Ilmiye.

Adam Stenton
My son Adam had a visual problem which meant that he ceased to make progress a reader. The problem improved only marginally after his first pair of glasses…
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Aiysha Whitefield
My daughter was having problems with her school work. She was having difficulties focussing on her written work and the white board. Prior to vision therapy, she was…
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Mary (aged 8)
I took 8 year old Mary for vision therapy because she was failing in school, had dyslexic tendencies and had been diagnosed with the dreamy type of Attention…
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Jamie Sawyer (aged 9)
We felt that we simply had to write to you to let you what we felt about Jamie's progress since he started his eye therapy programme with you last autumn…
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Michael (late 30s)
I approached Smita suffering from ocular-motor dysfunction and the onset of significant acuity imbalance between left and right eyes. This had caused me to cease work…
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I was strongly advised to take a Colorimetry test to help with my learning difficulties. And on contacting all of the suggested clinics I decided on going to Smita's clinic because of her friendliness over the phone…
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