tooties testimonials

We have 3 testimonials from children and parents specifically regarding to Tooties, so have a look at what
Jaydine, Krishna and Harry and their parents had to say:

Jaydine (her own words)

The Tooties has helped me a lot in so many way. The Tooties has helped me to open my vision and make me see more because of the tooties I can see so much I could not see before. Tooties has helped to concentrate more on what I am doing.

Jaydine's mother

I write further to recent conversation and outline below the benefits upon which the tooties have had on Jaydine.

· Her vision has improved remarkably. She no longer wears spectacles.
· There is an improvement in her balance and co-ordination. She appears less clumsy.
· She can carry put given tasks more methodically.
· Her confidence has improved. She is less shy. She no longer regresses and has a better relationship with her peers.
· She expresses her opinions more freely.
· She has made improvement in her school work.
· With the aid of Tooties, Jaydine's vision and personality have changed for the better. She enjoyed the use of Tooties because she was learning/improving through play.
· Prior to the use of the Tooties I thought that Jaydine had special educational needs.

Krishna (own words)

The Tooties made a huge difference to me, because I am able to do many more things with full confidence. I recently went to Egypt and decided to do scuba diving. I was really looking forward to it. I enjoyed it so much I decided I wanted to do my advanced course as well which I probably wouldn't have done before working with the Tooties. Another thing the Tooties have helped me with is my speed with everything. I have noticed that I have been doing everything much quicker. Before working with the Tooties I have had a real problem getting to school on time in the morning. Finally I managed to get to school on time, I feel really proud with the progress I have made.

Krishna's mother

Krishna is very much more aware of time, therefore mornings are definitely easier, less grumpy, more relaxed for the whole family. There is also a change in her confidence level for the better. Krishna does a lot of things by herself without being constantly reminded. Krishna is setting targets for herself and accepting responsibility for herself. The change has definitely been for the better, and hopefully the confidence will increase more and more gradually.

Harry (his own words)

It has made my maths better when I learnt to weigh the Tooties. It has made my catching better and co - ordination. It has improved my science. I think I can concentrate better and I feel more confident about my writing. It was hard at times but then I got better.

Harry's mother

Since Harry undertook the Tooties programme we have noticed a marked improvement in the following areas:

· Overall confidence, and in particular in social situations
· His ability to undertake tasks such as homework more independently.
· His speed and accuracy of reading.
· His ability to read for longer periods of time independently and for pleasure.

While Tooties work on a number on levels to overcome the difficulties posed by my son's dyspraxia, the fact that it is seen by him as fun with an emphasis on reward and progress it is a much more attractive way of working.