What are tooties?

Tooties look alike and come in a variety of colours and patterns but can be very different in weight, sound, feeling and movement depending on the formulation of the safe non-toxic crystals inside.

All Tooties embrace VAKT:

isual Audio, Kinetic and Tactual learning.

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Tooties were invented by former scientist Dr John Hanson in 1962. They are widely used in America and Europe.

It is using all of these senses in combination that make the Tooties so effective. More importantly, children are delighted with the Tooties and want to play with them. This is ultimately the key to their success.

DYNAMIC: The Tootie launcher and Tootie toss provide lots of fun while improving peripheral vision, eye focusing, eye tracking and hand eye co-ordination. The Tootie bouncer is a great bi-lateral trainer.

STATIC: By letting children play with many Tooties you will see all sorts of creativity.

Tooties can improve reflexes, vision, speed, co-ordination and are especially useful in sports that require a lot of fast thinking and where precise accurate vision is vital.

We are the sole UK distributor for Tooties.

Parents and children’s comments :
"It is a fun way of learning and has really improved my sons confidence"
"It has improved my reading and writing"
"My catching and co-ordination has improved"

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