What is vision enhancement therapy?

Many people with visual problems can pass a visual acuity, or 20/20 screening. There is more to vision than visual acuity. Eyesight is the ability to see small objects at a given distance with or without lens correction.

Vision is a learned skill that includes eye tracking, eye teaming skills, focusing and perceptual skills. It can be improved at any age. Both the eyes and brain must work together to control the ability to interpret, identify and make sense of what is seen by the eye.

Vision is a dynamic process that involves the integration of the brain, eyes and body.

To re-connect our mind, body and vision we have to work on the neurological pathways that connect the mind to the muscles through movement.

I would like to invite you to take a fresh approach to how you use your vision and body in daily life and to re-discover the pathways from your mind to your body.

Vision therapy helps the eye brain body system become more balanced.

When your body is highly tuned and your vision enhanced, energy is no longer being wasted unnecessarily but used more effectively. Vision therapy will enhance the visual skills required for learning in a child, adult or sports person.


The goals of treatment for strabismus are restoring 3-dimensional vision (stereopsis or depth perception), eye alignment, and restoring vision to the eye that is misaligned. Vision therapy is an individual program for the eyes and body to train eye muscle control and coordination. It enhances the brain's ability to control eye alignment, eye focusing abilities, eye movements and visual processing.

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