We felt that we simply had to write to you to let you what we felt about Jamie's progress since he started his eye therapy programme with you last autumn.

Jamie is nearly 9 years old and he is both dyslexic and has co-ordination difficulties (dyspraxic). He has therefore struggled with certain elements of school work - especially getting his thoughts down on paper. Writing and drawing are particularly difficult for him and although he usually knows the answers he struggles to record them in writing.

Jamie has been doing his eye exercises at home most days and is beginning now to benefit enormously from all his hard work (not to mention yours and ours!!). Today Jamie was saying how he feels that things have improved for him in lots of ways. He was saying how he is finding writing easier and that some people have commented on this. Indeed we have noticed how much clearer his writing is and he is now reversing his letters / numbers less than before.

This improvement seemed to happen quite suddenly about a month ago. Jamie has really enjoyed his visits to your practice and you seem to be able to get him to achieve things no-one else has been able to get him to do, such as walking heal-to-toe at the same time as holding and drinking from a drinks carton whilst pointing at a moving ball.

He has also enjoyed doing the fun activities at home - though he has been known to groan about having to repeat some of the Basic Eye Movements! We have really appreciated the way that you have been prepared to liaise with the Occupation Therapist to ensure that both of you are tailoring his exercises for his specific benefit.

It is noticeable how much his reading and writing has improved recently where some of his physical co-ordination is still at the same level. This suggests to us that the eye exercises must be making a difference and improving his classroom work.

We have also noticed some knock-on effects of this e.g. he now chooses to read and write far more, so he is also improving because he is practicing more. This in turn seems to be making him more confident in his ability so he is now much more comfortable about talking to us about how he is feeling about things.

As you are aware, Jamie was finding school really difficult when he started back last September with his confidence at an all time low. Thankfully he now seems much, much happier.