Sports vision

As a Sports vision Optometrist I provide special vision services and equipment to help patients maximise their visual abilities, enabling them to perform and enjoy their sport to the fullest.
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Are you an athlete? For many, when one imagines an athlete, participants of a team sport, such as football, cricket, or rugby, come to mind. To others it may be the avid runner, golfer, or badminton/ tennis player. You may not have considered yourself an athlete, but if you enjoy a hobby such as photography, painting, embroidery, or are involved in other hobbies or activities, you most likely are utilising many of the fine visual skills common to athletes.

Everyone can benefit from increased visual awareness. Through sports vision training many visual abilities can be improved. Increased depth perception, peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination, ability to track a moving object, and being able to concentrate and perform consistently, even when under pressure, are a few examples. Protective and specialty eyewear is also an important consideration in the sports vision examination. Not only can it be crucial for safety but often can be a key to maximum performance.

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Smita Trivedi completed a Sports Vision diploma, with the emphasis on vision leading sports performance. In August 2006 Smita attended the English Open Squash Championship at the Crucible in Sheffield to screen elite squash players. Peter Nicol and Lee Beechill were amongst the players screened.

Smita Trivedi's unique Sports Vision Enhancement Program includes a comprehensive evaluation and an individually designed protocol to improve sports vision skills. (Routine eye exams rarely evaluate even ten percent of what a comprehensive sports evaluation does). We measure and successfully improve eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, peripheral awareness, eye teaming, focusing, tracking and visualisation skills (to mention just a few). A sports vision program is designed to evaluate, train and enhance each athlete's unique visual skills.

Treatment varies with protective eyewear, sport specific sunglasses, specialised contact lenses and sports vision enhancement therapy.

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