I was strongly advised to take a Colorimetry test to help with my learning difficulties.
And on contacting all of the suggested clinics I decided on going to Smita's clinic because of her friendliness over the phone, and understanding of my personal circumstances.

It was a very cold afternoon, after the long journey from W London to N London and upon discussing the semi details of the examination I found out that this was to be an initial test and not the lengthy test that would answer all, I instantly felt weight down for having to find the time (I'm in a demanding full time course) to travel here again, to which Smita's instant reaction, and very genuine one was 'Oh dear, you're not happy.'

She sprang up talked to Naresh rearranged the appointment that was to be after me, so I would have the lengthy examination. That was the first thing I noticed about her, her genuine concern for my satisfaction or/and happiness. The gesture really touched me, and I knew I was in good company. The demanding examination was stressful and she was very considerate checking if I'm okay every now and again. During my entire stay I was continually offered refreshments and even nourishment!

Her procedures and focus was like that of an inventor/scientist trying to solve a puzzle, she carried what can only be described a thorough investigation, paying close attention to my every movement, asked me to walk bare footed to observe my walking, my breadth of vision, my posture. The biggest shock was when I was able to climb up and down the stairs without much need to hold onto the rail!!! (I have serious vision perception problems, stairs are a nightmare). But Smita didn't stop trying out countless glasses and different methods to make sure there isn't  yet a better pair of glasses that would make me see even better.

All the while I was encouraged to train my eyes, and open my vision instead of make do with the aid of glasses. I was advised on nutrition, posture, daily activity. I was addressed with my own name instead of 'patient' (even when they were talking amongst each-other on potentially better solutions or methods to advance the diagnosis of my visual problems, nutritional diet, daily habit), little gestures that reaffirmed genuine concern and care on a personal level. It felt more like life coaching than just an eye examination!

What I thought would be a vision examination turned out to be one of the most wonderful experiences I have had!! Smita and Naresh are truly two genuine people operating in this field in the broader, deeper, truer sense. It's not just about ophthalmology in Smita's clinic, it's about vision in the spiritual sense as well, and a rounded wellbeing.

I left without my glasses for the first time in years, and a kiss and hug. I left with better vision (wisdom) and a clearer vision of existence and life. I left with crystallised affirmation in the goodness of mankind again. I can confidently say it was absolutely a marvellous experience!!! x